Sustainable Agriculture, forestry and live-stock production towards
Climate Change

The project

The “Sustainable Agriculture, forestry and live-stock production towards Climate Change” project (SA2CC), builds on the overarching priorities such as the Green Deal and digital transformation, that are in the focus of the project.

It is designed to support economic, social and human development as well as equipping citizens, institutions and professionals to effectively address the challenges emerging from Climate Change (CC).

It is expected that this project will have, on one hand, short-term benefits, which range from improving the existing learning programmes by integrating topics related to climate change and approaches to adaptation and mitigation, increasing acompetitiveness within the academia, strengthen regional and international collaboration.

However, a long-term impact is also expected in the private sector (impacting farmers, cooperatives, food businesses, etc.), as it is hoped that the project’s results can be implemented to the following areas below.

Excessive greenhouse gas emissions are causing a climate crisis, resulting in extreme weather events like droughts, floods, wildfires, and heatwaves. These events lead to crop failure, land degradation, and soil fertility depletion. To address these challenges and ensure food security, climate-smart agriculture (CSA) practices must be developed and validated. Mongolian and Kyrgyz partners recognize the necessity of updating study programs to include courses focused on minimizing farming impacts on climate change. This involves enhancing carbon and nitrogen capture and storage in agro-ecosystems.